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Sweet and bold, the perfect set for a touch of character to your Christmas manicure.

The professional formula of SHINE N'WEAR classic nail polishes ensures fast drying and long-lasting shine for up to 7 days. The patented "Easy Application" brush ensures smooth and optimal application.

The SWEET AFFAIR set is also perfect as a gift and ideal for creating your favorite manicure for any occasion. 

Contains: 3 x 10 ml - 0.33 fl.oz

Methods of use

Use the base coat of your choice before applying the color to protect the nail and increase the hold of the polish. Apply two thin coats for optimal color results, allowing to dry between coats, and finally finish with the top coat. For faster drying, we recommend using DROP DRY nail polish dryer drops.

For care and maintenance of the product, we recommend storing the bottle in a cool, dry place to prolong its shelf life.

Environmental labeling

Capsule: O7 Other; Plastic

Bottle: GL70 glass; Glass

Label: 05 PP; Plastic

For disposal check the directions of your municipality.