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LED + UV combination lamp 48W. Cures all types of gels, acrygel and Gel Polish. The product contains both the lamp and the DC adapter. 

The lamp is characterised by:

- 30 leds;
- infrared induction;
- 24W/48W ON/OFF power button;
- 5s/30s/60s timer;
- adapter socket.

The maximum power consumption is 48 W. The adapter has a rated input power 100-240V - 50Hz 1A; rated output power DC 24V/1.5A.


For professional use only. Read the operating instructions carefully before using the lamp. Do not spill any liquids on the lamp. Disconnect the adapter when not using the lamp. Do not use the lamp if the adapter fails. Do not keep the lamp on for more than 600 minutes to avoid shortening the life of the device. Do not look directly into the light of the lamp.